How To Print A W2 In Quickbooks – Resolved [Get Quick Help]

QuickBooks is a great tool for managing your finances, but if you’re like most people, you probably don’t print your W2s. In this article, we’ll show you how to print your W2 in QuickBooks.

How to print W-2s in QuickBooks Online Payroll


How to Print a Win QuickBooks

  1. Log into your QuickBooks account.
  2. Click “File” on the QuickBooks toolbar.
  3. Select “Print.”
  4. On the print dialogue box, select the printer you want to use, and then click “Print.”
  5. Review the print preview to make sure the print job is correct. If not, correct the print settings before clicking “Print.”
  6. Click “Print.”
  7. The print job will start. When it’s done, close the print window.
  8. Your print job will be saved in your QuickBooks account. To view it, open “File” again, and select “Print.”
  9. On the print dialogue box, select “File” and then “Print Details.” The print job details will be displayed, including the file name and the date and time it was printed.

Steps to Follow to Print a W

1) Go to File, Print.
2) On the Print window, you will see a list of options.
3) Scroll down to the bottom of the window and click on the W2 tab.
4) On the W2 tab, you will see a list of fields.
5) Click on the Print button next to the Field Name.
6) You will be prompted to select a printer.
7) Select the printer that you want to use and click on the OK button.
8) You will now see the W2 printout printed out.

Tips for Printing a W

Print your W2 on a high-quality printer using archival paper.

Attach your W2 to your tax return.

Mail the W2 and tax return to the IRS.

Hopefully, your W2 will arrive quickly and without any errors. If not, you can contact the IRS to resolve any issues.

Printing a Win QuickBooks

When you print a W2 in QuickBooks, the program prints out a document that looks something like this:

The first three lines are the header, and they contain information about the document, like the date it was created and the name of the company that created it.

The next four lines are the report summary. This section tells you the total amount of income and expenses for the year, and it also identifies any tax liabilities you may have.

The next five lines are the report details. This section breaks down the income and expenses into individual lines, and it also includes information about any deductions you may have taken.

Finally, the last four lines are the signature page. On this page, you can sign your name and the date.

How to Quickly and Easily Print a W2

If you’re like most people, you probably print your W2s when you get your paychecks. But if you’re like me, you dread the process of printing them because it’s so time-consuming.

Here’s how to quickly and easily print a W2 in QuickBooks:

1. On the QuickBooks main screen, click File, then click Print W2.

2. On the Print W2 screen, select the print format you want (PDF, HTML, or Word).

3. Enter the Employee ID and Social Security number of the person you’re printing the W2 for.

4. Click Print.

That’s it! Your W2 will be printed in the format you selected.


If you are using QuickBooks to manage your business finances, you will need to print your W2s. Here are instructions on how to do this in QuickBooks.

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