Quickbooks Clearing Account – Resolved [Get Quick Help]

Do you need to clear an account in QuickBooks? Clearing an account in QuickBooks is a simple process that can help you avoid paying unnecessary fees and penalties.

Clearing Account | Why Your Ecommerce Accounting System Needs This


What is a clearing account?

A clearing account is a type of bank account that allows businesses to quickly and easily clear transactions with one another. This makes it easier for businesses to keep track of their finances and facilitates the flow of goods and services.

Why do you need a clearing account?

A clearing account is a great way to avoid overspending and to keep track of your finances. When you have a clearing account, you can easily transfer money between your checking and savings accounts, and you can also use it to pay your bills.

What are the benefits of a clearing account?

A clearing account is a great way to keep your finances in order. It helps you avoid bounced checks and other problems with your bank account. Plus, it gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your money is safely invested.

How to set up a clearing account

If you have been thinking about setting up a clearing account, this is the guide for you. A clearing account is a great way to easily and quickly clear transactions with your bank, without having to process them through your own bank account.

Here’s how to set up a clearing account in QuickBooks:

1. Open QuickBooks and click the File tab.

2. Click the Account settings icon.

3. Click the Clearing account icon.

4. Enter your bank account information and click Next.

5. Select the type of account you want to set up a clearing account with and click Next.

6. Click the Account details tab.

7. Review the account information and click Finish.

8. Select the clearing account you just created and click Open.

Now you’re ready to start clearing transactions with your bank!

How to use a clearing account

Clearing accounts are designed to help businesses manage their finances by eliminating the need to deposit and withdraw funds from different banks. With a clearing account, businesses can transfer money easily between different banks, which can help to speed up transactions and reduce the risk of fraud.

To use a clearing account, businesses first need to set up an account with a bank that offers clearing services. Once the account is set up, businesses can then start transferring money between different banks through the account. Clearing accounts also allow businesses to easily access funds in case of emergencies.


If you want to clear your QuickBooks account, you’ll need to first close your business. After closing your business, you can then follow these steps to clear your account:

1. Go to the ‘Bank Accounts’ tab in your QuickBooks account and select ‘Close Business’.
2. Click on the ‘Next’ button and review the information on the ‘Closing Your Business’ page.
3. On the ‘Final Steps’ page, click on the ‘Clear Account’ button.
4. Enter your password and click on the ‘Submit’ button.
5. Your account will be cleared and you will no longer have access to your data.

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