What 3 Types Of Customer Statements Can Be Generated By Quickbooks Online? – Resolved [Get Quick Help]

QuickbooksOnline can generate statements of account (SOA), statements of cash flow (SOCF), and balance sheet (BAL) reports. SOA, SOCF, and BAL reports are important to financial managers because they provide information on a company’s financial health, performance, and cash flow.

Generating Customer Statements in QuickBooks Online


What are the three types of customer statements in QuickBooks Online?

  1. Complaints: People who are unhappy with their QuickBooks Online experience will generate complaints. These statements can be critical, negative, or even threatening.

    2. Inquiries: People who are curious about how QuickBooks Online works will generate inquiries. These statements might be questions about specific features or about how to get started using the software.

    3. Reviews: After using or using QuickBooks Online, some customers might write reviews to share their thoughts with others. These reviews might be glowing or negative, but they all provide valuable feedback about the software.

How to generate a customer statement in QuickBooks Online

  1. “I’m very impressed with how easily and quickly my transactions were handled in QuickBooks Online.”

    2. “Your online customer service is top-notch – I really appreciate the help I received.”

    3. “I love how easy it is to keep track of my finances in QuickBooks Online – it’s a great tool for managing my finances.”

How to customize a customer statement in QuickBooks Online

There are three types of customer statements you can generate in QuickBooks Online: a basic statement, a customized statement, and a statement for affiliates.


A basic statement is the default statement that is generated when you create a new account or invoice. This statement includes basic information about the customer, such as their name and address. You can customize the basic statement by adding additional information, such as sales totals or royalty rates.


Customized statements are statements that you create specifically for a specific customer. For example, you might create a customized statement for a customer who has been a loyal customer for years. You can include additional information about that customer, such as their birthday or anniversary.


A statement for affiliates is a statement that is generated automatically when an invoice is sent to an affiliate. This statement includes information about the affiliate, such as their name and address. You can customize the statement by adding additional information, such as commission rates or royalties.

What information is included in a QuickBooks Online customer statement?

QuickBooks Online includes customer statements that can be generated by the blog section. These statements can include:
– A statement that summarizes the services provided by the company
– A statement that showcases the company’s unique selling proposition
– A statement that reflects customer feedback and testimonials

How to send a customer statement in QuickBooks Online

  1. A statement of appreciation for your business.
  2. A statement of thanks for your repeat business.
  3. A statement of appreciation for a job well done.


QuickBooks Online can generate three types of customer statements:

1. Statement of Accounts
2. Statement of Cash Flows
3. Statement of Changes in Equity

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