Quickbooks Email Invoices – Resolved [Get Quick Help]

QuickBooks can help you create and send email invoices quickly and easily. Just enter the information for the invoice, and QuickBooks will create the email and send it automatically. This is a great way to keep your invoices organized and easy to send.

How to Create & Email An Invoice in QuickBooks Online


How to Email an Invoice in QuickBooks

When you email an invoice in QuickBooks, you’re essentially creating a contract between yourself and the customer.

Here are some tips to make sure your email invoices look professional and are well-received by your customers:

1. Use a professional font in your email signature and in the body of your email.

2. Use clear language in your email, and be concise.

3. Use strong formatting in your email, so that it looks like a well-written document.

4. Keep your email subject line brief and to the point.

5. Make sure you include the customer’s name and contact information in your email.

6. Send your email to the customer’s email address, not to their contact information in QuickBooks.

7. If you have questions about how to email an invoice in QuickBooks, don’t hesitate to ask us in the QuickBooks Community. We’d be happy to help!

The Benefits of Emailing Invoices in QuickBooks

When you email invoices in QuickBooks, you can send them as attachments or as individual emails.

Attachments: When you attach an invoice to an email, QuickBooks automatically creates a new invoice document and attaches it to the email. This lets you keep your invoice information organized and in one place. You can also use this feature to include additional file attachments, such as contract or purchase orders.

Individual Emails: When you email an invoice, QuickBooks sends the invoice as an email message and attaches the invoice document to the email. This way, you can keep track of the invoice’s status and reply directly to the customer.

There are several other benefits to emailing invoices in QuickBooks:

You can use email to track invoice status.

You can reply to customers directly.

You can track payments.

You can track expenses.

You can keep your invoice information organized and in one place.

QuickBooks supports a variety of emailing formats, including plain text, HTML, and Microsoft Word.

If you have any questions about emailing invoices in QuickBooks, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to help.

How to Set Up QuickBooks to Email Invoices

If you’re like most business owners, you probably use QuickBooks to keep track of your finances and expenses. But did you know you can also use QuickBooks to send invoices electronically? Here’s how to set up QuickBooks to email invoices:

1. In QuickBooks, open the “Invoices” window.

2. Click the “Email Invoices” tab.

3. Click the “New Email Invoice” button.

4. Enter the information for the invoice, including the recipient’s email address.

5. Click the “Send” button.

6. If you want to add a note to the invoice, click the “Add a Note” button and enter the note.

7. Click the “Close” button.

8. If you want to print the invoice, click the “Print” button.

9. Click the “Close” button.

Troubleshooting QuickBooks Email Invoices

If you are having trouble sending or receiving email invoices in QuickBooks, there are a few things you can check:

1. Make sure your email is configured to receive invoices.

  1. Make sure your email server is able to send invoices.
  2. Make sure your email client is able to open and print invoices.

    If you’re still having trouble, you may have to reset your QuickBooks email settings. To do this, open QuickBooks, go to the File menu, and select Account Settings. On the General tab, select Email Settings. In the Email Settings dialog box, click the Reset Email Settings button. (If you don’t see this button, your version of QuickBooks may not support email invoicing.)

Alternatives to QuickBooks Email Invoices

– Create a project management system like Asana or Trello which will automate the process of tracking, managing and billing your work.
– Use a CRM like Salesforce or Oracle to manage all your client data and track your commissions and expenses.
– Use a web-based invoicing and billing platform like PayPal or Stripe to invoice your customers online and track your payments.


QuickBooks is a great tool for managing finances and keeping track of expenses, but it can be difficult to keep track of email invoices. If you want to automatically send email invoices from your QuickBooks account, you can use a tool like SendToad. This tool will automatically create and send email invoices from your QuickBooks account, and it will also keep track of the payments you make so you can see how much money you have left over each month.

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